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RimWorld is a Sci-Fi Colony simulator created by a brilliant Artificial Intelligence that will narrate the story. Inspired by Dwarf Fortress, Firefly, and Dune.

You will start with three colonists who have survived a catastrophe on a distant world.
You will have to keep track of the state of mind, needs, wounds, illnesses and addictions of your settlers.
Build in the forest, desert, jungle, tundra and more.
See how settlers develop and end relationships with family, lovers, and partners.
Replace injured limbs and organs with prosthetics, bionic parts, or biological parts taken from others.
Fight against pirates, tribes, wild animals, giant insects and ancient killing machines.
Create structures, weapons, and utensils using metal, wood, stone, textile, and futuristic materials.
Master and train beautiful pets, farm animals and deadly attack beasts.
Trade with passing ships and caravans.
Create caravans to complete quests, trade, attack other factions, or migrate to another colony.
Go through snow, heavy storms and fight fires.
Capture refugees or prisoners and convert them to your faction or sell them into slavery.
Discover a new world generated every time you play.
Explore hundreds of crazy and interesting mods in the Steam Workshop.
Learn to play easily with the help of a smart and discreet AI.

RimWorld is a story generator. It is designed to co-author tragic, crazy and triumphant stories, recounting the lives of pirates, desperate settlers, starving people and Narrative AI survival. There are several narrators to choose from. Randy Random does crazy things, Cassandra Classic prefers to build up the tension little by little, and Phoebe Chillax prefers to relax.

Your colonists are not expert colonists - they are survivors of a catastrophe, when they were on a passenger shuttle that was destroyed in orbit. You could end up with a nobleman, an accountant, a housewife. You'll get more settlers by capturing them in combat and converting them to your faction, buying them from slave traders, or simply accepting refugees. So your colony will always be a motley crew.

The background of the person will be recorded and this will affect the way they are played. A nobleman will be perfect for social situations (recruiting prisoners, negotiating prices with merchants), but will refuse to do physical work. A farmer will know how to harvest food for those long seasons, but he is not good at research. A scientist will be an excellent researcher, but he does not have social skills. A genetically modified assassin will only know how to kill - but at least he will be very good at it.

The settlers will develop - and destroy - relationships. Each one has a different opinion of the others, which determines whether they will become lovers, marry, cheat, or fight. Perhaps your best two colonists are happily married - until she falls in love with that handsome surgeon who saved her from a gunshot wound.

The game spawns a new planet from pole to equator. And you can choose whether to land your lifeboats in a cold tundra to the north, a desert plain, a temperate forest, or a hot jungle on the equator. Each area has different animals, plants, diseases, temperatures, rainfall, mineral resources and terrain. The challenges of surviving in a hot, disease-ridden jungle are very different from being in an arid desert or frozen tundra with a harvest season of only two months.

It travels the entire planet. You don't have to be stuck in one place. You will be able to form caravans of animal people, and prisoners. Rescue former allies who have been kidnapped by pirates, attend peace talks, trade with other factions, attack enemy colonies, and complete other missions. You can even take your entire colony and move them to new places. You will be able to use means of transport that use rockets to be able to travel at a higher speed.

You will be able to tame and train animals. Cute pets will put settlers in a better mood. Farm animals will be able to work, you will be able to milk them, and shear them. Attack beasts can be unleashed on enemies. There are many animals - cats, Labrador retrievers, grizzly bears, camels, cougars, chinchillas, chickens and exotic alien life forms.

People in RimWorld constantly look at their situation and surroundings in order to decide how to feel in given circumstances. They respond to hunger and fatigue, witnessing a death, desecrated dead bodies, being injured, being in total darkness, being in tight quarters, sleeping outside or in the same place as others, and many other situations. If they are very stressed, they might turn against you or collapse.


Minimum requirements

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Core 2Duo
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or other shader model 4.0
Storage: 1 GB of available space

Recommended requirements



ElAmigos release, game is already cracked after installation (crack by Codex/Rune). Updated to version 1.5.4084 (03.05.2024).
DLC: Anomaly, Biotech, Ideology, Royalty, Name in Game Access, Backstory in Game Access, Pirate King Access, Soundtrack (mp3).


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